There is a weight on the shoulders of my generation, the expectations of the one before us. We are told that we have endless opportunities at our fingertips and to not take them, well that would be foolish. And that is where the conflict between our generations arise, and where their expectations go awry.
While we are expected to take as many opportunities as possible on our own, we are also expected to follow the path our parents wish us to follow, and put 100% into every aspect of these.

I recently suffered severe self doubt and crippling pressure to meet the expectations that were set for me this year. The hardest part was not doing all of these activities, but rather telling my parents that I could not handle it and I needed a break. See we have it engrained in us that we should not complain about these chances we are given, and we should work hard to prove that we can succeed at life. Whenever we make a mistake or show signs of giving up, reminded that we will not succeed in aspects of our life unless we shape up and continue to struggle. Yes, the struggle is important and it teaches valuable life lessons, but it should not come at the expense of our mental or physical health.

To fear letting down our families and those who expect us to do great and powerful things, can be crushing and overwhelming. But we as a generation must remember, we are not here to follow paths and directions like mindless zombies. We do have the resources we need to take over the world, but we can’t do that curled up in a psychiatric centre because we broke ourselves at 23. It is okay to take a break and relax if it means that you will be safer and healthier in the years to come. Admitting that we can’t meet expectations now, can help us before we are caught in a tide that will not, or cannot let us go.


We are young, we make mistakes and at the time of our lives when we need to take care of ourselves and begin to forage our own path in the pursuit of happiness. Remember this world is ours now, our elders will soon have to relinquish the torch for us to grasp and rule under.

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