Coming to terms with any sort of mental illness can be a shock to the system; it is emotionally trying and exhausting. First you must learn to accept that you have a mental illness and that it is not your fault, and from there you go through the roller coaster of learning how to deal with and overcome the struggles that come with it. Many people would say that anxiety is not a mental illness and is just something that people deal with – aka stress. But let me tell you, I have tried to explain what I experience to my good friends and they cannot sympathize with me for they have not felt the same thing. With my personal anxiety comes stress, panic and fear; all of which can be harder to deal with on some days rather than others.

I have learned to acknowledge and accept the different stages with my anxiety that I deal with on a near daily basis, and some days are a lot harder than others. Lately I have found that I need to keep reminding myself to accept the difficulties of my problem instead of hiding from them. It is easier to confront my feelings than it is to hide from them and try to pretend that I am OK. If I were to ignore them the feelings escalate and take over my life and even my health.

The key to mastering anxiety – which is still a work in progress – is to take it one day at a time. Quite cliche  I know but there is really no other way to deal with it than to pick one problem and focus on how I can master dealing with it and overcoming it. Of course while I must deal with one problem at a time, those are the big problem the ones that need to be tackled over time. The real determination I need to overcome my daily difficulties is to keep myself in a routine so that I have things to look forward to doing and when I am supposed to be doing them. It is very hard to get up in the morning and convince myself to keep to what I need to be doing instead of being lazy and curling up on the couch instead.

The importance to that determination is how great I feel when I keep to that routine and get things done. When you let yourself become a victim to the power of anxiety you might get lost further and further into a dark tunnel. It can get harder and harder to get out of that tunnel and back onto the right path that will help you to feel like a million dollars. Keep at it and find your motivation; remember to keep out the good energy and find ways to reward yourself for your hard work and determination to be a happy person.


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